MESSY CHURCH is not just for children but for Mums and Dads too!

Messy Church is a morning of crafts and games based on a theme from the Bible.There is lots of fun for pre-school and primary school aged children. 

All children must bring a parent/carer, there is no need to book (or pay).

Messy Church is run by members of both the Kingswood Congregational Church and St Mary's and takes place in the Lower School Room.


Each Messy Church starts with the families gathering in the upper room for a short story to set the scene on activities that are available.

For example, we have used the story of the Roman Centurian who asked Jesus to heal his servant as our theme.

The Messy Church Team organise a number of games and craft activities, all related to the story of the Centurian and Jesus.

So we

  • Made Roman helmets

  • Made Lollipop Centurions.

  • Made and played the Rota Roman game which was played by Romans.

  • Thought about people we know who are not well, and wrote a prayer for them.

  • Then tackled an obstacle course. 


As the crafts and games come to an end, we gather again in the upper room for a short period of reflection and praise.

Then having done all the activities we sit down to enjoy a simple meal together and chat about what we have done and learnt at MESSY CHURCH....... and maybe wonder how many helpings of pudding am I allowed!