Please help us raise £1000 for Christian Aid

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This week is Christian Aid Week so we are launching a community appeal to help some of the most disadvantaged communities in the world. Together, with your help, we want to raise £1,000 to help Christian Aid provide essential help and support to those in desperate risk of starvation and famine.

We need your help because the United Nations has warned that the world is facing a famine “of biblical proportions” because of the coronavirus pandemic. This year will be the worst year for humanity since the Second World War and a quarter of a billion people will face starvation. We know that Covid-19 is likely to sweep through the developing world, leaving a trail of devastation. The fragile healthcare systems of these countries will be unable to cope and the economic fallout of the virus will lead to a "hunger pandemic".

These challenges are just the latest problem for many of these communities. Earlier this year, East Africa was hit by the worst locust swarms for decades – putting as many as 70 million people at risk in Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania and Somalia. This perfect storm is further compounded by the effects of ongoing conflict in places like Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan and South Sudan.

What you can do

Usually Christian Aid week would be supported by a door-to-door collection but this isn’t possible this year. Yet the need for the money is greater than ever before. So we are hoping to raise £1,000 from the five churches in our Benefice.

It’s tough for everyone at the moment but whatever you can give today, will greatly help these communities in desperate need.

Please join our Benefice’s fundraiser with whatever amount you can spare and help us to shine a small light into the darkness. There is a fundraising post on each Church Facebook Page for Christian Aid donations. It is commission and fee free so all the money goes to Christian Aid. Plus you can register for Gift Aid.

For those wishing to give online but without access to Facebook, we have a JustGiving page for the Wickwar Benefice.

Alternatively donations can be made through the letter box by cheque or cash at Amercombe, 11 High Street, Kingswood.

Thank you so much.